The school is one of the most important social institutions

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The school is one of the most important social institutions, the family or the state and completely necessary to support the inclusion of children in society in their future as adults must face alone. The school is the place where people learn different areas of knowledge and of human knowledge ranging from the scientific as physics, biology, mathematics, past social issues such as history, literature, art, to practical issues such as technology, physical education, etc..
The school varies greatly from society to society and from country to country. This is so because each region sets its own education system and organizes the functioning of their own educational institutions according to their needs or interests. However, a feature common to all schools is that they always meet the initiator role of the person in the school, and academic education. In this sense, the school is unlike eg college in the fact that in the first attendance is usually mandatory for all children gain the same level of understanding and knowledge that the back homogeneous in terms of skills and content.
The school is not only important but the transmission of knowledge and expertise. We can say that one of the main functions of the school is hidden allow attendees (in most cases children and adolescents, except to talk about adult education schools) to socialize with peers, with people of the same age , evolutionary and emotional level …. The positive is that the school becomes an important social institution, and attending full and comprehensive training of the people who attend it. The coexistence in the school is what makes the individual is separated from the family in a positive sense, being able to establish ties outside the family by inbreeding, which in many cases ties are maintained throughout life by being relationships are formed in times very meaningful to the person.

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